IEDA2 is a collaborative data infrastructure of three complementary data systems – EarthChem, LEPR/traceDs, SESAR – that jointly support researchers in the Geosciences to share and access sample data following the FAIR data principles (Wilkinson et al. 2016), and to ensure open, reproducible, and transparent science practices.

IEDA2 is funded by the US National Science Foundation through a Cooperative Agreement.

IEDA2 is currently undergoing a website reconstruction and will be back soon. Please sign up for our newsletter below for news following the release of IEDA2.

  • EarthChem : EarthChem enables innovation and advances in the Earth, Ocean, and Environmental Sciences through our data services.
  • LEPR : The Library of Experimental Phase Petrology (LEPR) provides access to data from experimental liquid-solid phase equilibrium studies.
  • SESAR : System for Earth Sample Registration (SESAR). The System for Earth Sample Registration advances Open and FAIR Samples in the Earth and Environmental Sciences.

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