IEDA Strategic Plan

IEDA's Strategic Plan 2012 identifies IEDA’s core values, capabilities, and goals, and outlines strategies to ensure a robust, sustainable, and continuously evolving program. It guides the facility's activities and progress over the next 4 years. The IEDA Strategic Plan was generated in collaboration with and approved by the IEDA Policy Committee.


IEDA Mission

Driven by the rapidly evolving needs of the diverse Ocean, Earth and Polar research communities and the public, IEDA facilitates collaborative scientific advances through curation, open dissemination, and integration of solid earth data, as well as development and sharing of innovative data management tools.


IEDA Vision

IEDA strives to be a leading-edge source of solid earth data and information for Ocean, Earth and Polar research and education.


IEDA Core Values

  • Preservation, sharing, and re-use of data and information are fundamental for the advancement of science and service to society.
  • Data acquired with public funding needs to be publicly obtainable on a full and open access basis.
  • Science, education, and societal needs must guide the design of data systems.

Download the full IEDA Strategic Plan