IEDA Tools for Data Analysis

IEDA develops and supports tools such as GeoMapApp, Virtual Ocean, and the EarthChem Portal that facilitate data access and visualization, and that provide analytical capabilities to promote the use of Earth, Ocean, and Polar data within the scientific community and for educational purposes.

IEDA applications are designed to enable a diverse community of researchers to dynamically interact not only with our own continually expanding data collections, but also with complementary data held in other repositories.

Our desktop and web-based applications can help you:

  • create maps,
  • visualize and interrogate data,
  • plot sample positions and interpretations,
  • plot and interact with data (e.g. X-Y variance diagrams, TAS, Harker diagrams)
  • integrate data from disparate sources,
  • create your own customized data compilations.
Visualization Tools: Create maps, plots, animations
Data Integration Tools: Synthesize, compare
Statistical Analysis

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