Data Management Plan Tool v.2

The IEDA Data Management Plan (DMP) Tool, initially launched in January 2011, provides an easy way to generate a DMP for inclusion in NSF proposals. The DMP Tool is designed to minimize the impact of creating a DMP, ensures that all relevant and required information is captured, and generates a well-formatted PDF that clearly presents relevant information to reviewers. While IEDA's focus is on solid earth data from the marine, terrestrial, and polar environments, the DMP has been designed as a generic form that can be used for proposals being submitted to other NSF Divisions.

NOTE: DMP Tool version 2 (release date: April 17, 2012) now requires login so that users can save, retrieve, and edit information in a personal workspace. The DMP Dashboard allows users to complete and/or re-use previously made DMPs (e.g. for a prior proposal) at a later time, to retrieve previously created DMPs, and to associate DMPs with funded NSF awards. The linkage between a DMP and a funded award is important for facilitating Data Compliance Reporting (DCR) through the IEDA DCR Tool as the work is completed and data are made available.  If you created a DMP using version 1 and would like it to be accessible in the DMP Dashboard, please contact us at so we can associate the content with your account.

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The IEDA DMP Tool code is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Unported (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0) License, Copyright 2012 IEDA.