IEDA Data Rescue Initiative

IEDA's data services aim to advance preservation of solid earth observational data so that they can be mined and re-used to support and empower cross-disciplinary scientific research and discovery in the Earth, Ocean, and Polar Sciences. A focus of IEDA's activities is the rescue of data that are in danger of being lost because they are not accessible and curated in a sustainable manner.
IEDA's Data Rescue Initiative is intended to ensure that valuable legacy data sets that are in danger of being lost due to impending retirement of the data owner or degradation of the original data source are preserved and made accessible to the community for re-use by inclusion in the IEDA data collections. IEDA's Data Rescue Initiative currently comprises three efforts:

  • IEDA Data Rescue Mini-Awards: These mini-grants provide modest funds to investigators, especially those in the late stages of their career and near retirement, to support proper compilation, documentation, and transfer of unpublished data sets to IEDA that they cannot otherwise share and preserve. More info>>
  • The International  Data Rescue Award in the Geosciences: This award has been established with sponsorship by Elsevier's Research Data Division to showcase and recognize efforts within the Geosciences that advance preservation and access of research data. The first competition was held in 2013, with the award presented at the 2013 AGU Meeting (see awardees here), and due to its success, a second competition will be held with the award to be presented at the 2015 EGU Meeting. More info>>
  • Data Rescue Process Study: IEDA and Elsevier's Research Data Division are collaborating to conduct a study to learn, test, and evaluate data compilation and ingestion processes, and develop skills and possible tools for supporting these tasks, while extending existing IEDA data collections.