IEDA Policy Committee

The IEDA Policy Committee is the primary community advisory body for activities funded under the Cooperative Agreement with the NSF. The IEDA Policy Committee provides policy-level guidance to the IEDA leadership with the intent of maximizing the effectiveness of IEDA to enhance the scientific productivity and capability of the communities served. The goal of the Policy Committee is to ensure that activities funded under the IEDA Cooperative Agreement advance the science in such a way to best serve the interests of the solid-earth and polar science communities. The committee's most important responsibility is to ensure that the needs of the university research community are met and that IEDA is responsive to those needs.


The IEDA Policy Committee has eight voting members. Membership is balanced to represent:

  • the array of scientific disciplines served by the IEDA data systems,
  • a range of colleges and universities, geographically distributed across the US,
  • researchers and academic instructors.

The committee includes non-voting representatives from NGDC/NOAA, USGS, and the NSF, an international liaison, the LDEO Director as member of the IEDA Leadership Team, and the Director and Associate Director(s) of IEDA. The Policy Committee meets twice a year (once in its first year). Members serve three-year terms.
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