IEDA User Committee

The IEDA User Committee is the primary mechanism for gaining scientific community feedback on the effectiveness of the IEDA data services. The IEDA User Committee’s primary responsibility is to evaluate usability, performance and utility of IEDA data systems, software tools, and data services, and make recommendations to increase software usability and improve scientific utility of tools and services generated under the Cooperative Agreement. The IEDA User Committee also recommends to the IEDA Leadership themes for IEDA User Workshops that are held every other year to introduce and discuss new concepts or tools for education, research, or both. These workshops include lectures by experts and hands-on lab instructions in a relaxed, active learning atmosphere among peers.



The IEDA User Committee consists of 8 to 12 members of the community who actively use IEDA data products, tools, and services. Members of the IEDA User Committee are appointed by the Policy Committee based on recommendations from the Policy Committee for a 3 year term with a possible renewal for a second term. Appointments reflect the range of disciplines that use the IEDA data services, as well as a range of large and small colleges and universities with undergraduate and graduate emphases where IEDA data systems and tools systems are in use. Additional members can be appointed by the Policy Committee if gaps in expertise or discipline are identified. The chair of the IEDA User Committee is appointed by the Policy Committee.
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