Geoscience Paper of the Future Training Session: Learning best practices for scholarly publication

Aug 2015. IEDA will be hosting a Geoscience Paper of the Future (GPF) training session, organized by the EarthCube Ontosoft project. Learn how to properly include and cite data and software in your scientific publications, an increasing requirement from publishers and soon funders! A special issue of AGU Earth and Space Science will highlight GPFs: the submission deadline is January 1, 2016.

Yolanda Gil, Research Professor in Computer Science at the University of Southern California and PI of OntoSoft, will be at Lamont to give a half-day in-person training event on the best practices for scholarly publication.

What: Geoscience Paper of the Future Training Session
When: October 9, 2015 Friday, 9:00a-12:30p
Where: Geoinformatics Conference Room, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory


There is no registration fee to participate in an OntoSoft GPF training session. To RSVP, please email by October 2, specifying your name, home institution, and training session date.


The Geoscience Paper of the Future Initiative

The Geoscience Paper of the Future (GPF) Initiative was created encourage geoscientists to publish papers together with the associated digital products of their research. This means that a paper would include:

  1. Data available in a public repository, including documented metadata, a clear license specifying conditions of use, and citable using a unique and persistent identifier.;
  2. Software available in a public repository, with documentation, a license for reuse, and a unique and citable persistent identifier;
  3. Provenance of the results by explicitly describing the series of computations and their outcome in a workflow sketch, a formal workflow, or a provenance record, possibly in a shared repository and with a unique and persistent identifier.

The GPF Initiative has two major components:

1. A Special Issue of the AGU Earth and Space Science journal that will highlight GPFs. We have partnered with the largest scientific society in geosciences to encourage GPF submissions to this journal that will help move the geosciences community forward by publishing all digital objects resulting from research. The submission deadline is January 1, 2016.

2. A training program that offers training sessions for geoscientists to learn best practices in software and data sharing, provenance documentation, and scholarly publication. These training sessions will be offered at community events throughout 2015.

The GPF Initiative was developed by the EarthCube OntoSoft project with funding from the National Science Foundation. Learn more about this work at:

More information about the training sessions at