IEDA Newsletter, December 2015, No. 15

Dec 2015. This newsletter summarizes new features and improvements in the Interdisciplinary Earth Data Alliance (IEDA) systems. Click on the links below for more detailed information.

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IEDA Community

  • The Alliance Testbed Project (ATP), a recently-funded EarthCube Integrative Activity, hosted a kickoff workshop on Oct. 29-30th. ATP is a collaborative project that will apply technologies and approaches developed within EarthCube to re-architect IEDA in a way that it can serve a larger group of geoscience users and broaden engagement in EarthCube. The Alliance model will ensure coordinated, streamlined, and integrated data services that remain deeply rooted in specific science domains, a critical prerequisite for quality and re-usability of the data, while fulfilling requirements for trusted services. Learn more.
  • IEDA will have a strong presence at the AGU Fall Meeting in December. Join us at the IEDA Booth (#114), for workshops (IGSN, GeoMapApp, and more), and presentations. Come by or schedule an appointment with us to learn about any of our systems. See more details at the IEDA at AGU page.
  • IEDA Director Kerstin Lehnert has been elected as chair of the EarthCube Leadership Council and started her 2.5 year term on December 1, 2015.

Tools and Services

  • IEDA Data Browser v2.0 is released and now offers a map-based search for available data across many IEDA systems.
  • EarthChem Library v3.3 is released, with new features including a map search for available datasets and improved search by IGSN. See the full list of features and bug fixes on the EarthChem Library Release Notes Page.
  • PetDB v2.8.7 is released, with several new features including search by IGSN, search by inclusion type, and improved display of multiple age values. See the full list of new features and bug fixes on the PetDB Release Notes Page.
  • GeoMapApp v3.6.0 is released. Modifications include restructured menus with data layers now arranged intuitively by data type and theme; the Zoom Undo function was expanded to capture the four most recent zoom actions; and, the Session Manager (Save Session) has been enhanced to help with sharing a GeoMapApp saved session. A range of other modifications and bug fixes requested by the community was also made. More Info.
  • GMRT v3.1 is released with swath data from an additional 31 cruises acquired on 9 research vessels. Learn more about this release here. A new attribution metadata service for GMRT was also released.
  • A new Web Feature Service (WFS) for the Marine-Geo Digital Library is now available, providing access to data acquisition event information including stations, launches (dives), and survey lines. More Information. New map-based functionality also in the Marine-Geo Digital Library now displays the geographical extent of data files and enables their selection directly from the map either by clicking individual file footprints or by using a lasso tool to select multiple files. In the example here, click on the Map View link to explore this new functionality. Image data files are now presented in a gallery view, with an option to switch to list view. Also, the image preview function associated with the display pages has been enhanced for improved image navigation and to allow images to be selected for download from the previews. Example.
  • SESAR now provides a new WFS to access top level sample metadata. In addition, a new Web Map Service (WMS) provides a distribution map of top level samples. More info.


  • New contributed data sets now available through the Marine-Geo Digital Library include high-resolution ship-based and submersible bathymetry data for Perth Canyon (McCulloch: FK150301) and for Juan de Fuca Axial Seamount (Kelley: TN326) and Endeavour Segment (Clague, Caress: ZPR1108,  and Holden: AT15-36). For the Academic Seismic Portal, seismic reflection data was registered for six surveys including the USGS study of the Eastern North American Margin (Hutchinson, Wood, Miller: MGL1506) and IODP drill site surveys in the western Pacific (Rosenthal and Mountain, RR1313). The USGS survey falls within the GeoPRISMS ENAM Primary Site and can also be accessed through the GeoPRISMS data portal. Wide-angle sonobuoy seismic data was also added for nineteen surveys spanning the globe. Data sets recently registered in the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Data Portal were acquired in the following areas: Antarctic Peninsula (O'Brien, LMG1504), Scotia Sea (Mitchell, NBP0606), Amundsen Sea (Jacobs, NBP0901), Ross Sea (Bart, NBP1502), and offshore Wilkes Land (Nitsche, NBP1503). Read more.
  • New contributed data now available through the EarthChem Library (ECL) include geochemistry and geochronology of intraplate lavas from the Arctic Ocean (Mukasa et al.), geochemistry of tephra layers in the Roosevelt Island Climate Evolution project ice core (Kurbatov et al.), a study of the mineralogy of surface sediments and water chemistry of 86 modern lakes (Jiang et al.), and several datasets from Long Core Expedition KN195-03 (Search ECL by Keyword: KN195-03 to view all).
  • Browse the Recent Data Additions for PetDB (53 new references).

Outreach & Education