Apr 2015
Making Small Data Big (slideshare) (Lehnert, Stony Brook University)
Apr 2015
Interdiciplinary Data Resources for Volcanology at the IEDA (Interdisciplinary Earth Data Alliance) Data Facility (slideshare) (Lehnert, EGU 2015)
Mar 2015
Restoration and Synthesis of Planetary Geochemical Data (slideshare) (Lehnert, LPSC 2015)


Dec 2014
The Internet of Samples in the Earth Sciences: Providing Access to Uncurated Collections (poster) (Carter et al., AGU 2014)
Dec 2014
Exposing USGS sample collections for broader discovery and access: collaboration between ScienceBase, IEDA:SESAR, and Paleobiology Database (poster) (Hsu et al., AGU 2014)
May 2014
Shared Cyberinfrastructure for Geoscience Samples (poster) (Lehnert et al., EGU 2014)


Dec 2013
Supporting Data Stewardship throughout the Data Life Cycle in the Solid Earth Sciences (Ferrini et al., AGU 2013)
Dec 2013
IEDA Data Publication Workshop (Lehnert et al., AGU 2013)
Dec 2013
Rescue of Long-Tail Data from the Ocean Bottom to the Moon (Hsu et al. AGU 2013)
May 2013
Integrated Earth Data Applications: Enhancing Reliable Data Services Through the Use of Persistent Identifiers (Lehnert, NOAA One Science Seminar)