Our team of domain scientists, geoinformaticists and developers share a passion for the management and stewardship of earth science data. With decades of combined experience with data acquisition, management, system design, and scientific analysis our team aspires to bridge the gap between scientists and data that can support new and innovative discoveries. We work closely with our user communities to ensure that we continually optimize our tools and services to meet their needs. We also actively participate in the community of data stewards and cyberinfrastructure specialists to ensure that our systems meet evolving standards for interoperability and information sharing.

We encourage an open and responsive dialog with our community of stakeholders and always welcome feedback.


Andrew Goodwillie

Data Manager

Peng Ji

Applications Developer

Annika Johansson

Data Manager

John Morton

Applications Developer

Frank Nitsche

Research Scientist

Suzanne O’Hara

Applications Developer

Sara Robinson

Administrative Officer

Neville Shane

Applications Developer

Lulin Song

Lead Systems Engineer

Application Developer

Rose Anne Weissel

Data Manager