IEDA GitHub Links

IEDA is on GitHub at  Repositories there include bundles related to our various partner systems, as well as experimental project work and prototypes. Much of the code is legacy code developed in local desktop environments or in Subversion repositories and migrated to GitHub. Our policy is to make repositories public unless they contain information about internal IEDA systems that might expose security threats or personal information. We are working on making more repositories public and improving documentation. Although most of the code is specific to our IEDA systems, we invite comments and bug reports through the issue trackers, and pull requests for fixes and improvements. Please contact us at (Info at if you are interested in learn more about any of the applications.

Repositories related to IEDA production systems:

  • Academic Seismic Portal Map Interface– The Integrated Seismic Map Interface was developed as part of the Academic Seismic Portal. It unites content from the ASP@LDEO (field data) and the ASP@UTIG (processed data). This repository contains the components necessary to launch the integrated map interface on any webpage. The interface utilizes Google Maps, incorporates the Global Multi-Resolution Topography (GMRT) basemap, and relies on web services developed and maintained as part of the MGDS.
  • GMRT MapTool – The GMRT MapTool enables the creation of custom maps and grids from the Global Multi-Resolution Topography (GMRT) Synthesis. GMRT provides access to gridded multibeam data acquired primarily with the US Academic research fleet throughout the global oceans. Multibeam data are processed, curated and synthesized into GMRT at at least 100-m resolution and are seamlessly blended with additional elevation sources including the GEBCO 2014 global compilation, gridded data sets from individual researchers, and global elevation data from NASA.
  • IEDA Data Browser – Provides map-based access to data across IEDA repositories – available in both mercator and south polar projections.  The Data Browser leverages Google Maps and Open Layers and makes use of IEDA Web Services.  Documentation is provided for easy installation of the IEDA Data Browser.
  • IEDA Data Compliance Tool – A simple interface for creating a list of datasets at IEDA repositories based on funding award.  This can be used to generate a PDF to demonstrate compliance with funding agency data sharing requirements.  The Data Compliance Tool makes use of several IEDA Web Services as well as an NSF API for award information.
  • SESAR search and submission – Code for operation of SESAR sample registry.
  • USAP search and submission – The USAP Data Center website code includes search and submission interfaces.