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Academic Seismic Portal at LDEO

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Data Publication

IEDA promotes research data sets as legitimate, internationally-recognized citable contributions to the scientific record. IEDA offers a Data Publication Service that registers scientific data in the DOI® system, making data sets citable as publications with attribution to their investigators as authors. IEDA is a publication agent through the DataCite consortium.

How To Cite Data

A dataset can be cited using its DOI. The DataCite recommendation is to use the format:

  • Creator (PublicationYear): Title. Publisher. Identifier

To create a link to a data set using its DOI, simply add the DOI to the base URL of

For example, a data set registered by IEDA in the DOI system is the Global Multi-Resolution Topography (GMRT) synthesis described by Ryan et al., 2009.

More information is available on the IEDA Data DOI FAQ Page.