Data Management Overview

In the digital era, documenting and sharing our scientific data is growing increasingly important as an integral part of the scientific process. Data Management not only makes our data resources available for others to build upon, but it also enables data syntheses and new analyses that hold the potential for significant scientific advancement. Effective data management begins during the planning stages of a project and continues throughout the research process from field and/or laboratory work, through analysis, and culminating with scientific literature and data publication. By planning ahead, and following some best practices along the way, the process of data management can be simple and relatively low-effort, enabling rapid contribution and publication of data in the appropriate data systems at the conclusion of a project.

How can IEDA help?

IEDA offers a variety of tools to support investigators along the full continuum of their data management efforts
  • Pre-Award

    • IEDA Data Discovery Tools
      • Search for available data that may pertain to your scientific questions.
      • Now a required component of NSF proposals, the data management plan lays out a strategy for documenting and preserving your data.  If your data are appropriate for achiving with IEDA systems, we strongly encourage you to use the IEDA DMP Tool as it is the initial step in the data stewardship process, and is an important component of ultimately demonstrating data compliance.
      • Contact IEDA if you need assistance generating your DMP
  • Research & Analysis

    • Contact IEDA
      • IEDA can help provide templates, best practices, and suggestions for how to efficiently and consistently document your data.
      • Link funded NSF award to IEDA DMP to faciliate Data Compliance Reporting at the conclusion of your research.
    • Register data sets and samples with IEDA
    • IEDA Analysis Tools
        • Analyze your own geospatial data within the context of other available datasets.
  • Synthesis & Publication