IEDA Newsletter, November 2018, No. 24

This newsletter summarizes new features and improvements in the Interdisciplinary Earth Data Alliance (IEDA) systems. Click on the links below for more detailed information.

IEDA Community

Tools and Services

  • SESAR v.7.1.2, v.7.2.0, and v.7.2.1 were released. Among new feature and enhancements, the new releases added “Experimental Specimen” as an accepted object type, improved error message clarity and documentation, and added deleted sample(s) to the MySamples count. See more release notes here.
  • USAP-DC has updated their dataset submission web forms to allow for multiple award entries and with a better mechanism to capture author names.
  • The PetDB Search application has been completely redesigned to allow for easier data searching and integration. The new version of PetDB will be released in late November 2018.
  • GMRT v3.6, to be released later this month, will include 1.25 million square km of new multibeam data from 38 research cruises conducted throughout the global oceans.


  • New contributed data sets now available through the Marine-Geo Digital Library (MGDL) include:
    • Seafloor magnetotelluric/electromagnetic data from Okmok Volcano, Aleutian Islands
    • High-temperature time series data for hydrothermal vents at the Juan de Fuca spreading center
    • Earthquake microseismicity catalogue from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge at 13N
    • High-resolution bathymetry data from Port Aransas, Texas
    • View the full list of new data sets in the MGDL
  • New contributed content now available through the EarthChem Library (ECL) include:
    • Bulk sediment inorganic and organic analyses of sediment cores from the Bay of Bengal
    • Neon isotopic composition of plume (Discovery) influenced MORBs from the south Atlantic
    • Detrital zircon U-Pb geochronology of the Oligocene Huagang Formation in the East China Sea Shelf Basin
    • Major element concentrations of river water, groundwater, irrigation canals and drains, and city waste effluents from the Middle Rio Grande Watershed
    • View the full list of new data sets in the ECL
  • New contributed data sets now available through the U.S. Antarctic Program Data Center (USAP-DC) include:
    • Time-lapse video of McMurdo Ice Shelf surface melting and hydrology
    • South Pole high resolution ice core water stable isotope record for dD, d18O
    • Geophysical measurements Beardmore Glacier, Antarctica
    • Stable water isotope data for the AH-1503 ice core drilled at the Allan Hills Blue ice area
    • View the full list of new data sets in the USAP-DC
  • New contributed data sets now available through the Academic Seismic Portal (ASP) at LDEO include:
  • New contributed data sets now available through the Academic Seismic Portal (ASP) at UTIG include:
    • Sonobuoy seismic and Processed MCS data in the Hawaiian Lineation Jurassic Magnetic Quiet Zone, North Pacific Ocean, acquired by the R/V Thomas G. Thompson in 2011 (TN272)
    • Processed multi-channel seismic data collected by a ferry boat, the Mozorola, and a barge, the Morrito #2, in Lake Nicaragua (May 6-24, 2006) and Lake Managua (May 26-31, 2006)
    • Single channel field seismic data at the Sumatran Trench, acquired by the M/V The Performer in 2005 as part of the Sumatra Earthquake and Tsunami Offshore Survey (SEATOS)
    • Sonobuoy seismic and processed MCS data on Kerguelen Plateau, Indian Ocean, acquired by the R/V Rig Seismic in 1997 (RS180)
    • View the full list of new data sets in the Academic Seismic Portal (ASP) at UTIG
  • Since August, 13,265 samples were registered in SESAR. Browse the SESAR catalog.

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