The PetDB-initiative is greatly thanked for allowing the use of a worldwide database in minimum time.

- Pierre Cartigny

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I regularly use PetDB and EarthChem together with GeoMapApp during the laboratory work of my course … I use these tools to make students aware of the enormous potential of the on line chemical resources and availability of petrologic tools. … […]

- Anonymous Researcher

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Undergraduates can interface with data and understand their utility without having to learn a lot of different, and cumbersome, data processing programs. GeoMapApp has a great number of internal and linked databases, making it easy to explore many different data […]

- Undergrad Teacher

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As a retired scientist still interested in research problems, I find accessing information through a public library difficult to impossible. The EarthChem Library is an indispensable resource.

- Anonymous Geochemist

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The professional appearance of the images has made GeoMapApp a crucial part of both my data analysis and image/figure generation for papers and presentations.

- Anonymous

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We consider MGDS to be the primary archive of data recorded on the NB Palmer and LM Gould and use GeoMapApp to access that bathymetry data and to generate a map or grid of an area we are going to […]

- Anonymous Antarctic Scientist

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